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SHAG Week | Consent at UAL

By UALHalls 17 Aug 2023

Short training about what sexual consent means and challenge myths surrounding sexual violence.

Date Saturday 23 September
Time 5pm - 5.30pm
Location Online
Price FREE 🥳

Enthusiastic sexual consent (both giving and getting) is a crucial part of all sexual interactions and contributes to respectful, equal and fulfilling relationships.

At UAL, we are committed to promoting a positive consent culture and raising awareness of support both within and outside the University. No one ever deserves to experience any form of sexual violence or harassment and it is never the survivor’s fault.

You will learn about consent, consent myths and how to tackle rape culture through a mixture of information, interactive activities and videos.

Please be aware that the module includes scenarios that discuss rape and sexual assault. We recommend being in a safe space when you complete the module and considering if there is any support that you might want or need.

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