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Searching for a place to rent

By UALHalls 05 Jul 2016

You may find the idea of looking for a flat or house very daunting.

Especially if you are new to London, but don't worry - with a little advice and common sense you can find a wonderful home in the capital. Listen to our tips on searching for a place to rent in London.

More about Private Accommodation Advice from UAL Accommodation Services…
Did you know that UAL offers independent accommodation advice to all UAL students? Our dedicated advisor can advise you on a wide range of information about renting privately or living in independent halls and can even read over your new housing contract.

Search ‘Private Accommodation' at for a range of really useful information about renting privately in London. This includes helpful advice about looking for a place, money, contracts and any concerns you have during your tenancy and moving in and out of your home. We also offer legal advice if you need this.

You may also find our other videos about renting privately in London useful, full of more tips and advice.

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