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a man and woman preparing food in a kitchen


Save time and money by sharing group meals

By UALHalls 12 Oct 2016

As a student, you may be prioritising your expenditure on other 'activities' than the weekly food shop. Which could be always leaving you a little bit short after these necessary 'trips out' and essential, spontaneous 'Oxford street shopping sprees'. 

If you have been feeling this pinch, a great way to save money every week and make sure you are fed well, is getting together with your flatmates and cooking together. 

The saying is true, it is 'cheaper by the dozen'. Planning your weekly evening meals with you flatmates and doing the weekly shop where you split the bill, can amount to huge savings over time. Which you can reap the benefits of. 

Not only can you save money, you can take turns on who prepares the meal, you could even set up a rota. But this could also lead to a lovely evening routine of sitting down with your flatmates and eating dinner together in the evening, which can comfort you with a great sense of routine, normality and home.

Considering this? Check out a huge range of student recipes on the BBC website to get you started. 

Happy cooking!