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Rubban: Life in halls as a Masters student

By RubbanS 22 Nov 2017

Living in halls as a Post-Grad student was a no-brainer for me. After living here for nearly 2 years, during my MA course, my personal experience has been beyond amazing. The environment is very friendly and comfortable.

Initially, I was sceptical about sharing an apartment with other students but I would recommend it to everyone. You learn so much, so quickly about the etiquettes of sharing your living space.

The halls’staff are always present to help you out whenever you need it. Your flatmates are also students from UAL so you get to share stories and experiences from across the University. It is a great common ground which your relationship is based upon. It also keeps you informed about other UAL colleges and courses.

One advantage of being in halls again is that you get to meet new people. Your flatmates are your new family and it is a wonderful feeling to cook meals together and explore each other’s’ culture. Living in shared accommodation, to me, unites everyone no matter how diverse the group is.

It is really stress-free to stay in halls since the rent has all amenities included and you do not have to worry about extra costs. The maintenance team keeps everything running saving you the trouble to look for people every time you face an issue.

Considering all this, I had to return to halls. Every day when I come back to my room it feels like I am home. 

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RubbanS a MA Documentary Film student at LCC. He loves watching movies and reading books.
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