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Rocky's Animal Farm | UAL Social

By UALSocial 25 Aug 2021

The petting zoo is coming to town

When? Wednesday 6 October from 2:00pm

Where? The Costume Store

Cost? £2.00

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We are hosting our very own petting zoo at The Costume Store. Come and join us and have the chance to meet some of the following animals.

Animals include: Sheep, Goat, Chicken, Ducks, Rabbit, Hamster, Bald Fancy Rat, Guinea Pig, African Pygmy Hedgehog, Horsefield Tortoise, Royal Python, Corn Snake, Crested Gecko, Leopard Gecko, White Tree Frog, Bearded Dragon, Tarantula, Curly Haired Spider, Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, Domino Cockroaches, Giant Millipedes and Giant Land Snails.

We are hosting students in small groups to come and say hello so you will need to book your slot to make sure you get your chance to say hello!

To learn more about Rocky's Animal Farm.

Want to know more about this event?

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T: +44(0)20 3890 6039 

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