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By KrisStapleton 22 Feb 2018

We should all be familiar with those three R's, but do you really do enough recycling?

We’ve got a few tips to help you out:

Firstly you should definitely know what you can and can’t recycle. This can vary depending on where you live so check on your local council website, or perhaps there’s a sticker on your bin outlining what they recycle for you. Generally paper, cardboard, plastics and metal are recyclable materials.

Sometimes you can help by buying previously recycled items, check for the logo on products in your shopping. Buying recycled items helps companies continue to sell recycled products, which in turn encourages more recycling – it’s one big loop!

If you’ve got old things you don’t want anymore but could still be useful to someone - don’t throw it away, you can give your old things to someone else who will use it. Check out websites like and 

Recycling electrical goods is becoming a common thing in urban areas like London. Find out if your local council offers an electronic recycling service online, if not look for a recommended electronic recycling company; they're usually non-profit.

Charity Shops! Yes we love them. Donate your old clothes, or buy some new ones, you’re helping the earth and a charity. 

All our your buildings have recycling facilities, so please make the most of them!

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