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Health and Safety

Our guest policy

By UALHalls 11 Sep 2020

We understand this is an exciting time and you may want your friends or family to share the experience, however, in keeping with guidelines, we have to have a strict no guest rule in term 1. 

Below we have put together some FAQs together about what this means...

Will family and friends be able to help me move in on my arrival day?

You will only be able to bring one family member or friend with you into the hall. This is again to ensure that we are following the UK government guidance regarding social distancing. 

You and your friend or family member should wear a face mask whilst you are walking through your hall and they should leave shortly after you have put your things in your room. Your family member or friend is not allowed to stay overnight with you as they would be considered a guest.

You can, of course, travel to London with a larger group, however, only one person will be able to enter the building with you. We've seen in previous years that many students find it less chaotic if just one family member helps them to unpack. Students then reconvene with their family groups later and explore the neighbourhood together.  Your digital Welcome Guides will show you some of our favourite local spots where you and your family can discover. 

Why do you need a no guest policy?

Our no guest policy means that you will not be able to have daytime or overnight visitors to any of our hall sites. This means that we can follow the UK government guidance on social distancing. It ensures that the number of interactions is limited so that we can keep our students and staff at the halls as safe as possible.

You will however still be able to socialise with your flatmates once everyone in the flat has completed their self-isolation period. 

How long will the no guest policy be in place?

Our no guest policy will run throughout the first time across all of our sites. We will continue to monitor the UK government guidelines closely and let you know if we make any changes to the policy. 

Will I be able to invite my other hallmates into my flat/room?

For the time being, we are asking students to remain in their 'flat bubbles'. This means that you will be able to socialise with the students living in the same flat as you. However, you will not be able to visit other flats or have visitors to yours. 

How will I be able to socialise and meet people outside my flat bubble?

Our Social Programme will also be running lots of events throughout the first term where you will be able to meet your fellow halls mates. This includes virtual Tea & Talk sessions, as well as lots of different exercise and wellbeing sessions so check them out!  

Can't wait until then? Join your halls Facebook groups and start chatting with your hallmates before you arrive.  

Where can family and friends stay if they are visiting me?

All of our halls are in close proximity to several hotels and Airbnb's. If you would like some guidance on where your friends and family can stay please don't hesitate to contact one of our lovely team.  

We hope that this article has been helpful and we appreciate your understanding. If you'd like to know more about our no guest policy as a member of our team would be happy to talk it through with you. You can call us on +44(0)207 514 6240 or email💖

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