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My first month at UAL

By AlexandraDB 25 Oct 2017

Has it been a month already? Time has flown by and I can’t believe I can officially call myself a Londoner.

I didn’t think moving away from home and starting university would change me so much but it did (in a good way). I’m now more independent, sociable and constantly excited about what’s going to happen next for me.

It actually feels great to love what I’m doing every day and not have to dread a morning start, as secondary school was exhausting because of this. University is somehow a breath of fresh air and I finally get to study what I love and am genuinely interested in.

There’s a change in my attitude too. I’m generally happier, more self-aware, spontaneous (I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing) and inspired.

Living in the city is enriching, fun and thankfully there is always something going on. However, it was a little odd getting the tube to Uni every day (which is a 40 minute-commute, very standard for London) and creating meal plans in order to make sure that I don’t overspend on lunches and actually eat healthily. I love food so I might have slipped up a couple times.

It’s also been quite strange to make new friends and get back in the routine of waking up early and preparing for the day. Even just being in a classroom for a few hours every day after doing nothing all summer feels a bit alien-like but, to be honest, I feel like this whole experience will be worth it. Because I mean it is University after all.

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AlexandraDB a BA Graphic And Media Design Student who has a great love for blogging, YouTube and aesthetics.
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