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Mindfulness and Meditation with UAL Social

By UALSocial 09 Sep 2020

Learn more about yourself and how to navigate your new lifestyle in London in healthy, thought-provoking ways. 

Meditation with Alix

Join us Sunday’s at 11am for a thirty minute meditation session as we nourish our mind and balance ourselves to prepare for the week ahead. 

Energy Healing with Julie
Join us for a guided spiritual journey to relieve tension through yoga and shamanic practice. Each session is divided into three sections that will release tension, clear heavy energy and revive your spirit.

 Book your space now. 

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UALSocial fresh, innovative and creative. What’s more, it is completely coordinated by students, which makes it unique, inclusive and empowering for everyone involved. The majority of events are free and the programme pioneers campaigns and community projects across every hall.
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