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London College of Fashion, East Bank is more than just a building

By BaxterStorey 21 May 2024

It's a sustainable statement.

We don't just stop at sustainable food. We put so much energy into making our newest building, East Bank, as sustainable as possible to set the bar for future innovations. 

You know a lot about our sustainable food already, and if you don't you can check it out here, but now it's time to test your knowledge about East Bank's design.

Do you know what the atrium in the centre of the building is called? 

The Core
The Heart
The Garden
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Located in the pulse of the lively Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, it just makes sense. The area is the UK's latest cultural quarter known for its future-first, creative and educational atmosphere. Influenced by the local community, the building had to be featured in one of the best places for locals, visitors and travellers to inspire each other. 

We always have a deep commitment to sustainability, so this needed to be reflected in East Bank. Ambitious in scale and scope, it was a challenge that we happily took on! 

Did you know that fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world?

Which is why the building aims to drive impactful research to effect change and innovation in the future, not only in the fashion industry but everywhere. Not only does East Bank deliver first-class fashion education, it was built with a purpose that goes far further than campus.

It was made to be...

"a durable bookcase, where you can keep changing the books" - Bruno Marcelino, Project Architect

Thinking future-first the building is made to last to be environmentally-friendly for generations to come, offering you a great opportunity to be a part of it all. 

So how exactly did we make East Bank sustainable?

Naturally ventilated
Green spaces
All of the above
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These are just some of the ways that we've made sure to cut down on carbon and make your student journey sustainable.

It's more important than ever to consider the environmental impact of everything we do, and we hope that our steps towards an eco-friendly future show that you can do it too. 

Every change counts.

If you want some more tips, then check out how to save energy and water in the kitchen. 

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