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Life drawing classes

By UALSocial 24 Aug 2021

A foot? No… that’s a hand.


Sunday 19 September
Sunday 17 October
Sunday 14 November
Sunday 12 December

Time 8pm - 10pm
Location Virtual
Price Free

We’ve all been there. When we’ve tried to sketch something in real life, and ended up with a weird creature instead of a tree, or Dobby instead of your bestie (or maybe your bestie IS Dobby? (Jealous).

Life drawing isn’t just for fine art students. It’s a great way of developing your visual processing skills and learning about the human anatomy.

So we welcome anyone and everyone to sign up – all you need is some paper, some pencils, any other medium you prefer and your enthusiasm.

Want to know more about this event? Get in touch:

T: +44(0)20 3890 6039 
Instagram: UALSocial

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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