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a bright light in the rain


Kiera's tips for beating the seasonal blues

By KieraM 16 Nov 2021

It’s got to the point in the year where it's dark more often than not and the weather can be a bit miserable. Uni is also getting busier and there are still coronavirus restrictions in place. This can create the perfect conditions for the ‘seasonal blues’.

 BUT... by looking out for ourselves and each other during the winter months we can do our best to beat the seasonal blues together. Here are some top tips on how I managed to beat the blues during my first London winter.

1. Work with the weather

London can get cold and it can come as a shock, especially if you’re from a warm country (I’m jealous). Try not to let the weather get in your way. Work with it - bring a bit of romanticism into your life!  If it is pouring with rain and you’re inside studying, why not whack on some lo-fi music and get cosy?

Heading outside and it’s freezing? Wrap up warm and treat yourself to a coffee or hot choc. Small treats like this can go a long way to boosting your mood (and warming your hands). 

2. Make your halls feel like home

There’s no place like home ... and now that you've adopted London as your new home, why not make it feel extra homely? 

This season is the perfect time to focus on getting your flat or accommodation to feel like home. Adding small comforts to your room can be done on a budget and can help to make your room extra warm and welcoming to get you through the short winter days. 

I love plants, so I’ve surrounded myself with lots of greenery to keep me smiling and give me something to look after. Your room can be the perfect escape away from the chaos of new uni life. Treat it well and make it fit your needs and you’ll be able to enjoy the space for relaxing movie nights and stay at home days! 

3. Enjoy some fresh air

With the lockdown restrictions in place and more online learning, I can feel like we are spending so much time inside. As handy as this is for rolling out of bed and joining your 10am meeting, staying inside all day can start to play on your mood. 

If you can, try to get outside at least once a day. Go for walks around your neighbourhood and get to know the landmarks that surround you. Not only will this help your mood, but it’ll also help your creativity. If you are self-isolating and can't get out, why not open the window and bring some of the outside in? 

My mind needs to be stimulated and for me staying indoors all the time just isn’t cutting it. Getting some fresh air each day has helped me in more ways that one. 

4. Make nutritious food

What you eat affects your mood! Stay in the winter spirit, but make sure you’re eating enough nutrients. Try some homemade soup, make it with your flatmates or have a relaxing evening cooking alone.

I like to use lots of winter veg at this time of year. You can pick up a large bag of carrots and parsnips for a couple of pounds from the supermarket. I like to make stews and casseroles, they have lots of hearty goodness to keep you full and happy. Check out some of these delicious recipes to get you started. 

5. Reach out for support

As the days start to get shorter and darker, you may start to feel homesick or isolated, even in such a large city.

Try reaching out to family and friends, not just people from home, but the new friends and classmates you’ve met here.  Most of your peers are going through similar experiences and reaching out can be a great way to strengthen bonds and make this winter feel a bit less lonely. 

Want someone to talk too? Come along to Tea and Talk and have a chat with your Halls Rep. Joining the Social Programme events is a great way to have some fun and meet other students. Keep an eye on the events tab for their special festive events. 

If you feel you need more support or advice, find the support that works for you.

There are lots of things you can try to help beat the winter blues the most important thing to remember is to look out for each other and check in on your flatmates. And... before you know it, spring will be in the air. Until then, make sure you stay safe and cosy my loves.