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Introducing Taboo Tuesdays

By UALHalls 02 Nov 2022

Taboo Tuesdays are a completely safe space for you to learn about, share and break down taboos around society's most controversial issues.

Do you have any burning questions or topics on your mind that you always wanted to know more about but were too shy, scared, or even embarrassed to ask?

If so, please don't worry, you're definitely not alone. To help students get through some of society's more difficult experiences and barriers, the Halls Life team have started "Taboo Tuesdays".

Taboo Tuesdays are hosted every month - you guessed it - on a Tuesday, and will focus on a different taboo subject that is not spoken about enough in society. The Halls Life team have selected a range of lovely experts in these subjects who will run workshops, give Q&A sessions, and offer advice to students, as well as provide handy tips and tools. 

The aim is to get us talking, sharing and listening in student-friendly, safe spaces with zero judgement or shame 😊.

Every month, Taboo Tuesdays will be held in the comfort of one of the UAL hall’s common rooms with snacks and drinks - and most importantly will all be completely free for all students!

Some examples of topics from past or future events include:

  • Sex and relationships
  • Coping with stress
  • Talking about grief
  • Managing money

 ❤️ We hope to see you there! ❤️

Want to know more about Taboo Tuesdays? Maybe there's a particular subject you'd like the Halls Life team to focus on in the new year? If so, please drop them an email at