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How to accept your offer of accommodation

By UALHalls 25 May 2023

If you have received an offer of accommodation from us, you may be wondering what your next steps are. We've put together this simple guide to make the process as easy as possible for you.

1. We send Accommodation Offers in cycles. You can see our Offers Schedule to keep up to date on when you are likely to hear from us.

2. We will send a notification email about your offer to the same email you registered your account with when you first applied. 

3. When you receive the offer, please log into your accommodation account where you will be able to view and read your tenancy before accepting.

4. If you would like to accept the offer, you will have to pay an advanced payment and set up a payment schedule plan. The credit card that you use to set up a payment plan will be the same account we take rent from, so please make sure you use the correct one. 

5. The advance payment is made up of £250 advance rent and £250 damage deposit, all of which is payable when accepting your offer (This may differ for our partnership halls).

6. Once you have read the tenancy agreement, paid the £500, and set up the payment schedule you will need to click "accept". 

How long do I have to accept?

This will be clearly stated on your offerStudents have around 10 days to accept the offer. These exact dates are in the Offers Schedule.

What happens if I don't want to accept my offer?

If you don't want to accept the offer, you have the option to decline. If this is because you do not like the hall you've been allocated, please note that we cannot offer you an alternative. You can, however, join our waiting list on 2 August, but we must stress there are no guarantees that you'll be given your hall of choice

What if I receive an offer from a partnership hall? 

If you have been allocated a room at Emily Bowes Court, Stratford One, Wick Park, Wigram House or Furzedown Student Village and Cedars, please follow the instructions from the partnership hall. They will be in charge of your tenancy and your advance payment. 

I made an application, but can't see an email from UAL?

It is possible that your application has been sent to your Arts email address, so we advise that you also check this inbox. Please also make sure you check your junk folder too. You can also log into your accommodation account to view your offer for accommodation.

If you still cannot find an email or if you are having difficulty viewing your offer, please contact us for help.

We hope that this advice helps, remember you can always call us on 020 7 514 6240 if you need further advice.

We are also available via email and IM Chat via our website (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm).