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Host the tastiest vegan BBQ ever

By UALHalls 12 May 2022

We're officially in BBQ season - our favourite time of the year! 

Just because you won't be stocking up on the beef burgers and pork sausages, doesn't mean the food won't taste amazing. 

Here's everything you need to be the best vegan bbq host:

  • BBQ tofu
    You may feel Tofu isn't the BEST vegan food but after being on a barbecue, it tastes great! It'll take all your guests by surprise. 
a sandwich sitting on top of a wooden table
  • BBQ jackfruit sandwiches
    Who needs pulled pork when you've got jackfruit? You won't be able to make the jackfruit on your barbie but these sandwiches will go down a treat.
  • Sriracha veggie burgers
    A bit of spice will make your vegan bbq that little bit more exciting. Stock up on some vegan mayonnaise and sriracha - you can use them in lots of other tasty recipes.
  • Grilled vegan chicken
    Yes, vegan chicken is a thing (just ask the residents at Cordwainers!) and it's delicious. It takes less than 5 minutes too so, what's not to love?
  • Vegan slaw
    Your friends won't believe that you've whipped up this amazing dairy-free and egg-free slaw but it's ridiculously easy.
  • Potato salad
    Vegan potato salad is another great side dish so whip up a big batch and leave it on the table.
coconut water mojito
  • Coconut water mojitos
    All that food needs to be washed down with a refreshing drink and that's what makes these mocktails so perfect. Cheers!

It'll be so good that your friends won't even miss the meat!


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