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Health and Safety

Healthcare for Chapter Lewisham

By UALHalls 12 Aug 2020

It is extremely important for you to register with a local doctor, (GP) as soon as you arrive. Do not wait until you are unwell as it may not be possible to be seen immediately if you are not registered. The nearest doctor’s surgery is at the address below, and sign-up forms are available at the reception:


For minor ailments, always try a pharmacy before visiting the doctor. Describe your symptoms to the qualified pharmacist and he/she will either sell you the necessary medication or advise you to see a doctor. There are several pharmacies and chemists in the local area.

  • Sheel Pharmacy, 312-314 Lewisham Road, Lewisham, SE13 7PA
  • Map

  • ABC Pharmacy, 56-60, Loampit Hill, Lewisham, SE13 7SX
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All students are advised to have the Meningitis C vaccination. Ask the practice nurse at your surgery. For more details on Meningitis, GP registration and other health matters, please visit the health section of the Student Services website or pick up a Healthful Pack from the Students Services office at your college. For further info about NHS services visit the NHS web site at You can find information about local dentist practices, etc. at this site. 

You will also receive information about UAL Health which is a service that is connected to Holborn Medical Centre; you will receive information about this when you move in.


For more serious illness or in an emergency you can attend the Accident and Emergency at any hospital. This service is free of charge. The local hospital nearest to Will Wyatt Court is

First Aid

We do not provide first aid products to residents. We recommend you bring your own first aid kit with you to halls.


Residents can register with a dentist upon their arrival at the hall. Please speak with a member of staff about where your local dentist is located or visit this website. In an emergency, residents should contact University Hospital Lewisham (see above) or call 111.