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Free period products in all halls

By UALHalls 04 Dec 2022

Time of the month? Take what you need. 

No one should miss out on lectures, socialising, or day-to-day activities due to their period. 

From September, we’ll be providing free eco-friendly period products in each of our halls.  

These will be available to all students who menstruate who may: 

  • Not be able to afford them 
  • Have run out of their own supply 
  • Have come on their period unexpectedly. 

You can find them in your common room (or at your reception desk if your hall doesn’t have one). 

Accessing free period products in private

Whilst we want to break the taboo and stigma surrounding periods, we understand that your time of the month may be something you want to keep private from your fellow hall-mates. If you’d prefer to access these products privately, we’ll also be keeping some behind our reception desks with our halls’ teams. You can always email them in advance and your request will be handled discreetly when you go down. 

Additional resources

If you would like to know of other places where you can access free sanitary products, we recommend looking at this article on Bustle, which has a list of all UK supermarkets and retailers who also provide this service. 

As always, if you have any questions about our halls’ free period products or anything related to life in halls, please contact your Halls team who’ll be able to provide you with confidential guidance and information.