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Deposits and advance rent payments

By UALHalls 27 Mar 2021

For UAL managed halls, the advance payment is made up of:

£250 advance rent
£250 damage deposit

£500 – Total to be paid to accept the offer   

All UAL managed halls: Brooke Hall, Cordwainers Court, Gardens House, Glassyard Building, Highline Building, Portland House, Sketch House, and The Costume Store.

Advance payments for partner halls:

For our partner halls, terms and conditions when accepting your offer may differ.

Instructions on how to accept will be emailed directly to you from the partner hall.

Advance payment amounts differ for each partner hall:

Chapter Lewisham£185 holding fee
Emily Bowes Court£250 deposit
Wigram House

Payment equivalent to one week's rent (varies due to room type)

Furzedown Student Village

 £250 deposit

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