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a bedroom with a bed and desk


Clean your room to clear your head

By UALWellbeingReps 03 Apr 2019

Do you want to feel more organised in your daily life? 🤔

Following the release of ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ on Netflix, tidying is on-trend. Physical clutter can also clutter the mind and make you less productive and creative.

Not only does cleaning and tidying make your room a nice place to live, but it also frees up energy for your mind to concentrate on other more important things.  

So, here are my 10 top tips for clearing your mind by cleaning your room: 

1.Air 🌬
Open your window to allow fresh air to rejuvenate your room while you clean and dust.  

2. Music 🎶
Liven up your cleaning experience with your favourite songs. 

3. Reward 🏆  
Make sure to treat yourself for finishing sections of your big clean with a cup of tea and a biscuit. 

4.Space 📦
Designate an area for each thing. Create separate spaces for books, makeup, art tools, photographs and letters using boxes or dividers.

5. Clothes 👔
Neatly folding your clothes lets you view all your options every morning. Make sure to hang or fold your clothes soon after wearing or washing them to keep your space tidy.  

6. Books 📚
Keep your books stacked or standing neatly on a shelf rather than scattered. Separate books that you have read from others to inspire you to pick up a new one. 

7. Memories 📸
Make sure to keep some photographs or memorabilia in your room to make it feel homely.  

8. Bed 🛏
Clear everything off your bed and make it up neatly. A nice bed will make a huge difference to your mindset and can encourage a better night’s sleep.  

9. Rubbish 🗑
Take out your bins and recycling at the end of your clean.  

10. Time ⌚️
Schedule a time each week that you will clean and tidy, this way jobs such as washing won’t build up. This can also be a time to switch off from other stresses and relax while you revitalise your room.  

Remember that if you're struggling, you can always speak to your Hall Reps. Get in contact by emailing (please reference your hall in the subject line). 

Please be reassured that everything you discuss will be dealt with confidentially and sensitively. 

This article was brought to you by Eleanor, a Wellbeing Rep at The Costume Store.