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Clare's life in halls

By UALHalls 11 Oct 2016

Studying at Wimbledon College of Art this September? Check out all about Clare, her life at college and how she finds living in halls.


Tell us about yourself...

I am Clare Collins, I live in Furzedown Student Village and I'm currently in my second year at Wimbledon.


How do you travel to college?

To get to Wimbledon College of Art, I either get the shuttle bus to Tooting Broadway Station, then get the Northern Line to South Wimbledon or I can just jump on the 57 bus.


What are your top 5 places in the local area? 

  1. Tooting Tram and Social
  2. MUD Coffee
  3. Tooting Common
  4. Coffee Co. Tooting
  5. The Antelope


What’s your favourite part of the Social Programme?

My favourite part of the Social Programme is the fact that I have met so many new and interesting people since being at halls and attending these events. I feel like the transition of moving into halls would not have been as smooth if the Social Programme hadn't arranged so many great events for people to get to know each other.


Do you enjoy the independence of halls?

Staying in halls is a good way to gain some independence, but still have some support. Having 24-hour security and the shuttle bus service and the gym are luxuries that I will no longer have once I've moved out of halls.


Where are you aiming to live next year?

I am currently looking to move into a flat with friends that I made throughout my time at Furzedown.


What are you working on at the moment?

I'm currently working on the last unit of my studio practice for the term. I'm using plaster casting and working with natural materials, with the intent of creating an immersive installation piece.


What inspires you the most about London life?

One thing I love about London is that it's so vast, it literally has everything you could ever want from a city, no matter how obscure your interests are. There is truly something for everyone.


Image: Nobel, K.  

Installation: Slaughter, H.