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Check out checklist

By UALHalls 13 May 2020

Whether you are moving out in June, August or any time between, it is always good to get organised! 

Check out our 'check out checklist'...

  • Empty all kitchen cupboards of belongings and any food items
  • Pre-book your check out room inspection when possible
  • Remove all rubbish from the flat (you could face charges for any rubbish left in your room which requires removal)
  • Double-check you haven't left any of your personal items, check under bed storage, wardrobes and all cupboards and draws
  • Make sure all lights are off, windows are closed and heating or radiators are turned off
  • Arrange storage or/and transportation to move your belongings
  • You change your address on all of your accounts which you may be expecting mail from. For example, bank, mobile contract provider, GP and dentist
  • Hand in your keys to reception and fill in the correct check out paperwork for your hall

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