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Celebrations at our canteens

By BaxterStorey 22 Feb 2023

Here at UAL, our canteens and cafes, often have something exciting going on

Most recently we celebrated Pancake day (aka Shrove Tuesday) where we served lots of tasty pancakes at the colleges. 

The pancake flip challenge

We asked those of you who were on campus to give us your best attempt at flipping pancakes for the chance to win some in return - the bolder the flip the better! Some weren't quite up to scratch with the technique, but hilarious to watch nevertheless! Thank you to those who showed us your flipping skills and congratulations to our winner for a wonder flip at the end of the compilation.

Up-and-coming events at the colleges

Pancake day is not the only event we celebrate, we also make the extra effort for awareness days from Black History Month to National Pizza Day.


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