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Alice: My guide to trying something new

By AliceW 22 Feb 2018

New year, new Alice...

Much like Ross in Friends my New Year’s resolution for this year was to try new things I hadn’t done before.  However, unlike Ross, I decided to stay away from leather pants and instead try street dancing with UAL Social – because when else am I going to be able to do that for free?
So my flatmate and I signed up for the class and along we went.  Apart from a few dance classes when I was little I have no dance experience and normally save it for when I’m in my room alone and no one can see me.  The thought of having to dance in front of others, therefore, did make me feel a bit sick but the instructor was very friendly and not at all phased by our complete inexperience – and my total lack of coordination.  In the hour class, he taught us a short routine, which by the end I could (kind of) dance at full speed to music.
I’m definitely not a dancer but it was a great mid-week distraction and we all had a really good laugh doing it.  It’s also much safer than buying leather pants...

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