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8 ways to survive a long-distance relationship

By UALHalls 04 Jan 2019

Spending so much time away from your girlfriend/boyfriend isn't easy but there are things you can do to make it a bit easier! 

Been feeling a bit down recently? Follow our 8 steps to coping with being away from your loved one:

STEP 1: Don't stay in your room crying

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All this will do is make you feel sorry for yourself and it's not what your other half would want. Put on a brave face and carry on as normal!

STEP 2: Spend some time with your mates 

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What else are friends for if it's not to pick you up when you're down and have a laugh with? Doing fun stuff gives you something to tell your boyfriend/girlfriend about too.

STEP 3: Call/Skype/FaceTime

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This way it doesn't feel you are actually that far away from each other after all. Make as much time for each other as you can and don't miss it.

STEP 4: Set future dates 

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This gives you something to look forward to, so you know that it's only 3 Monday morning lectures away until you're reunited and everything it's perfect again! 

STEP 5: Send surprise gifts

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It doesn't have to cost much, it could just be something you saw that instantly reminded you of them. Knowing you're thinking of them will cheer them up too! 

STEP 6: Keep yourself distracted

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Focus your spare time on your studies and smashing your coursework rather than worrying about what they're up to or what you would be doing if you were together. 

STEP 7: Send them funny photos

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When did everything get so serious? Your relationship was fun when you were together so it doesn't have to change now. Tag them in hilarious memes that remind you of them too!

STEP 8: Think positive!

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Keep positive thoughts and stay strong because it may be stormy but it won't rain forever - you'll be reunited before you know it. 

Header image: Flickr