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6 top tips on being in COVID isolation

By VevaL 14 Apr 2021

Being stuck at home has become harder with each month that passes and having to isolate due to COVID is the one thing we all dread. 

My name is Veva and I just wanted to share a few of my thoughts having been in a few isolation periods in halls, including one due to COVID. Whilst in isolation I developed a few methods to help me get through it, so I thought I would share them with you.

(Remember to keep your symptoms and mental health always in check and to make sure you have the number for your Reception and Out of Hours Team, so you can quickly access support when you need it.)

1. Let your halls team know you have COVID

The most basic, yet the most important one. By letting them know you have COVID, they are able to support you and help you the best way possible. This includes things like having your deliveries taken to you, getting the most appropriate help when you need it, etc.

2. Keep in contact with your friends and family

Being in isolation, it’s very easy to close yourself off and not speak to anyone. However, keeping in contact with friends and family is extremely important. Not only it helps with solitude (you won’t feel so alone if you’re able to speak to other people), but it also helped my mental health to not deteriorate. Make sure you also keep in contact with your flatmates, as it reminds you that you are not going through this alone and gives you a little support bubble.

Make sure, as well, that you have someone to talk to everyday. Pick someone you can call every day and make sure you are okay. COVID is unpredictable, so it is extremely important that you have someone who can check up on you every day, just a quick call to make sure you are okay.

3. Start a journal/diary

Create a journal where you can note down how the day went: how you felt, what you did, who you talked to. It’s a great way to keep yourself busy and to take your mind off of things. It’s great to look back and see how you’ve progressed, how you kept busy. You can also use it to write any random thoughts or ideas that come to your mind or just doodle a bit while you’re watching a show or listening to music.

4. Take a nap

I’ve found that taking a nap it’s extremely refreshing and actually really helpful. Being stuck in a room all day can be quite draining and, by taking a small nap, you can recharge your energy and be productive throughout the whole (even if that means just watching a show on your computer).

5. Keep yourself busy

Make sure you keep yourself busy. Read a book, binge watch that TV show you’ve been wanting to, learn a new language, clean your room. Whatever you do, make sure you like it. This is very important, and it prevents you from overthinking the situation you are in and keeps you distracted, which also helps the day go by faster.

6. Join Social Programme events

UAL Social Programme offers daily events aimed to all students and it’s a wonderful opportunity to do something different and even talk to other students. I found great comfort in being able to participate in these events, as it was a change of pace and helped me keep my head in the right place.

COVID can be quite a hard disease, but, if you’re lucky, it is a light thing you are bound to go through at least once. It’s extremely important that you make sure to keep your mental health and check and to reach out to those who can help you.

And, most importantly, remember that it okay for you to take breaks for yourself.

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VevaL is a BA User Experience Design student at LCC. She enjoys listening to music (mostly K-Pop), reading and playing volleyball with her friends!
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