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3 people entering and exiting Wimbledon College of Arts


6 places to check out around Wimbledon College of Arts

By UALHalls 06 Apr 2023

Located in a residential area, Wimbledon College of Arts is in a serene location outside of the city's noise and urgency.

While it may not have clubs near, that does not mean there is nothing to do to unwind after a day of lectures, or to visit in case one is renting a flat near instead of staying in student accommodation.

1. Dundonald Recreation Ground 🌳

A pleasant shortcut to the college, the Dundonald Recreation Ground is right across the street from the college entrance.

Well looked after by the borough of Merton and sprawling across 4.9 hectares, it includes cricket and football pitches, along with plenty of empty green space. Perfect for sunny days with friends or a scenic route to university, although do beware of balls kicked astray – a portion of it is shared with a primary school!

the entrance to Dundonald recreation ground

2. Leather Bottle Pub 🍻

Should you continue down the road from the college, you'll come across a charming, red bricked building at the end of the street. It's the Leather Bottle pub, serving both food and drinks in true UK fashion.

The drinks are reasonably priced, and it provides vegetarian and vegan options, as well as a separate gluten free menu for my fellow coeliacs.

Oh, and let's not forget the weekly pub quizzes, a wonderful way to bond with your new peers and show off your niche interests.

a close up of a street in front of a house

3. Centre Court Shopping Centre 🛍

Located next to Wimbledon Tube station, the centre may not be a particularly fun spot, but it certainly is a useful one.

It contains a sizeable Tesco and Mark's and Spencer's (grocery stores, which also stock some home items), Boots (a pharmacy, which has a student card and discounts), and, most importantly for any art student, The Works – a store specialising in art and craft supplies. While the supplies may not be the most professional, they are affordable, and excellent value for your money, especially when you go through a third of a sketchbook in one drawing lecture.

4. New Wimbledon Theatre 🎭

Perhaps the most attractive thing on the list for any performing arts student, New Wimbledon Theatre is barely twenty minutes away from the College.

While managing to organise all your friends to go see a performance will depend on timetables, you can rest assured knowing you'll be kept in the loop with new shows, as the area is full of posters for it. And tickets for some shows start at only thirteen pounds!

5. Wimbledon Public Library 📚

While UAL does have its extensive course related library, sometimes you might wish to borrow books unconnected to your homework, or study in a space outside of campus area.

Only a few minutes' walk away from Wimbledon station, the Wimbledon Public Library offers a range of literature from all genres, as well as study space and community activities.

All you need to do is sign up via their online Merton libraries form, then come in with a form of ID. Oh, and the best part – you can get pastries and sandwiches there too.

a bus driving down a city street

6. Wimbledon Farmers' Market 

If you've moved into the area, or are coming into college on Saturday to work on projects, you may be interested in Wimbledon Farmers' Market, which takes place every Saturday from 9am to 1pm.

Half an hour away by public transportation (a short distance in London), the market is a lovely way to meet the local community, or just enjoy a sunny day out.

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