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6 places to check out around the CCW Foundation Centre

By UALHalls 02 Apr 2023

My name is Achint, and I came to UAL from India. I am currently doing a Foundation degree in Art & Design at CCW. After being in CCW for over 6 months, I surely know my way around the area.

CCW Foundation is home to so many students that have just finished school and started to be independent. The area is a multicultural neighborhood home to 2 campuses of the University of the Arts London.

Pizzerias, Chinese takeaways, and more restaurants busy the streets, and art students hang out in pubs or sprawl on the grass at the park nearby.

Here’s my list to get the best experiences near the CCW Foundation Centre.

1. Theo's 🍕

Theo’s serves the best wood-fire pizza in town. They have aesthetic indoor and outdoor seating.

It's only 5 minutes away from the college.

2. Falafel & Shawarma 🌯

Falafel & Shawarma is perfect for college students trying to find good food on a budget. A falafel/shawarma wrap is just £3.50 and will fill you up.

It is also a 5-minute walk from college.

3. Lumberjack ☕️

Lumberjack is the closest coffee shop to the campus. Their specialty is coffee, bread, and pastries.

It’s a 3-minute walk from the college.

4. Lucas Gardens 🌳

Students can grab their lunch and sit on the benches of Lucas Gardens.

It’s a 5-minute walk from campus, which means you and your friends or classmates can come together to have a mini picnic during lunch!

5. The Tiger 🍻

Want a traditional British pub experience? The Tiger is your answer.

Dance and drink your worries away with your friends here. On weekends, they even have a DJ after 12 am.

6. Francesco's 🍕

Pizza lovers, this will be perfect for you. Francesco’s has the best stone-oven baked pizzas.

They offer half-price pizza from 12-5 pm to all students every day! All you have to do is carry your ID card. It’s a 4-minute walk from the campus.

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