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5 ways to cut down stress levels

By TabethaB 10 May 2018

University and stress can go hand in hand. 😵‍💫

Here are the 5 ways I've found to help me keep stress under control.

1. Exercise and eat well 🥒
It’s very easy to spend your life living on pizza and sitting at your desk for 12 hours a day, but living like this has a toll on your body and mind. Try taking up a sport/joining a society and eat something green every now and then to better defend yourself against stress.

2. Talk to friends and family 🫂
Talking to friends and classmates can help put your stress into perspective and remind you that you are not alone in this. Also, picking up the phone and having a chat with a family member can be a welcoming break and they might be able to offer solutions to the causes of your stress.

3. Keep your finances in order 💸
Building up debt and having to ask people for money can be overwhelmingly stressful. If you find yourself already in this position, there is financial support offered at the colleges, or you could talk with someone at your bank that could help steer you towards financial stability. Where possible try and avoid getting into this situation by planning your expenses and using your student credit card only in emergencies.

4. Schedule your time ⏰
Buy yourself a cheap diary and stick a calendar on your wall. Make sure every deadline and hand-in is written down and highlighted then plan backwards from there. Also, include days when you’re working or busy so you don’t end up clashing with your classes. Importantly, don’t forget to schedule breaks and days off too! If you can feel in control of your time, it will help keep stress at bay.

5. Know when you're beat 😵
It happens to everyone, we take on too much and end up burning out and taking a ten-hour nap, which helps a total of no one. When you feel yourself getting to that point, take yourself out of the situation, look after yourself first and then return with your head in the game.

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