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5 ways to beat loneliness in the big city

By TabethaB 04 Jan 2019

Moving to London by yourself can feel daunting and at times very lonely. The English are famous for being very private and it can sometimes be difficult to get to know new people. Try my 5 ways to beat the lonely feeling and start meeting new people. 

  1. Join a club or society
    UAL has lots of societies and clubs that are inexpensive or free to join. Not only will it give you a chance to meet new people but you can do it whilst taking up a new hobby or revisiting an old one.

  2. Learn to look for the lonely people
    You are not the only lonely person! Look out for classmates that are by themselves, or people sitting alone in the canteen. Introduce yourself and start up a conversation. Yes, it can be scary, but two lonely people together is better than two lonely people apart. You never know, they might end up becoming your quintessential university best friend.

  3. Befriend your housemates
    You are probably living with housemates in halls or a privately rented flat. Suggest going out as a group or have a meal together. Living with people you can call friends is much more comfortable than living with people you just nod hello to once a day.

  4. Keep busy but not too busy
    University can keep you very busy and although that can help distract you from feeling lonely, it might also prevent you from making connections with people. Every now and then it’s a good idea to put down the coursework and go out with your friends, otherwise, you might find that when hand-ins are over you have no-one to celebrate with.

  5. Get a job
    For some this won’t be optional, but getting a job; volunteer or paid will force you to interact with people. Work colleagues can become great friends outside of the workplace too. Bring on the work Party!
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TabethaB a BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Media student studying at London College of Communication.
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