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5 places to check out around LCF | Lime Groove campus

By UALHalls 26 Mar 2023

My name is Heeya Shewani and I’m studying Introduction to the Study of Fashion at LCF, Lime Grove campus, and here are some places that you should to visit near campus.

Uni life can be hectic and stressful at times, but you can always make your escape from all the hurricanes. These places near LCF are perfect spots for passing your time, having a relaxed hour or just having some good munching.

1. Westfield mall 🛍

This is a perfect spot for fashion students. Just a few minutes of walk from campus, Westfield will become your favourite spot to pass your time.

From high street fashion to luxurious brands, you can find everything over here. And not just that, but the vast variety of food options will leave your mouth watery.

Don’t forget to get your student discounts, which most places offer!

2. Shepherd's Bush market 🥖

Shepherds Bush market has something on offer for everyone.

From cheap yet amazing fabric deals to fresh groceries, nothing gets missed at this market. And don't forget to have some falafels while you're there, they are rumoured to be one of the best!!

3. Traid 👚👕

Traid is a charity shop which has some of the best deals, especially if you are a uni student.

Don't miss out on their deals during special occasions. Last Black Friday, they had everything for 1 pound and when I say I couldn’t stop shopping, you better believe me. You never know what hidden gems you can find over here.

4. Bishop Park 🍃

After a hectic day at uni, Bishop park can be your escape to regain some peace of mind and relaxation.

Just one bus (bus 220) from Westfield shopping center station, and you are there. Whether you have a beautiful walk or sit in front of the river, Bishop Park will please your mood in every way. 

5. Costa ☕️ and Tesco 🥯

Running late for uni in the morning and missed your breakfast? Don’t worry, Tesco got your back!

Arriving right on your way to uni, Tesco's meal deals are saviours. You get 1 main, 1 side, and 1 drink for just £3!!! 

And just a 5-minute walk from campus, Costa Coffee offers some great deals and great drinks for a lazy day.

Don't forget to use their app before ordering which allows you to have 1 free coffee after buying 8 coffees. For other deals, check out their app and enjoy your coffee!

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