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a person walking down a sidewalk in front of the entrance to the LCF campus in John Prince's Street


5 places to check out around LCF | John Prince's Street campus

By UALHalls 05 Apr 2023

Hey! My name is Mathilde and I am studying Costume for Performance at LCF Lime Grove. But most of my lectures happen at the JPS campus.

Uni life can be quite challenging and overwhelming. These places near LCF JPS are perfect places to relax with friends (or alone). So, here are my top 5 places that you should explore to enjoy yourself.

1. Italian Garden 🌳

This garden is in Hyde Park. You can take the central line to Lancaster Gate and wander between the fountains, statues and little hills! It is perfect for picnics and sketching.

There is a small café from which you can admire the little building and the sunset!

I cannot wait until I'm able to chill there when the weather gets warmer and the sky sunnier!

2. Covent Garden 🛍

Pretty close to Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden is a covered market with tiny shops and restaurants. It is a great and atypical place in a big city like London.

There are always some entertainments such as one-man shows, comedies, music, magic shows… If you get lucky you will see some “in situ” arts or art projects.

Some shops offer student discounts from 10% to 15%, you could even find some free samples!

3. Mercato Metropolitano 🍴🍹

In a little street, close to a beautiful flower shop, you will discover St Mark's church.

And the beauty of this place is inside! YES! Inside it, you will find food and cocktail booths! It has a big variety of meals like pizza, pasta, ramen, ice cream, etc… I love how original this place is!

4. buns from home 🥖

This cute little bakery in Notting Hill is THE perfect stop for any sweet tooth! You will find the basic cinnamon bun to the fanciest buns. Everything is made in the bakery and you can even glance at the kitchen if you desire. They also offer new recipes for events like Easter, Halloween, etc…

And if you are not in a rush (and still have some social battery), have a little chat with the super friendly staff.

5. Foyles 📚

It is a massive bookstore near Tottenham Court Road station. Its size allows for a diverse range of books from cooking to finance. You will find a coffee shop inside as well, which is a good study space.

I usually go there to find books (crazy, right?) in my first language (🇫🇷) or about fashion. They have lots of language books, from study books to complex ones.

And the best part is that they have a student discount!

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