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5 ice cream flavours to try if you dare

By BzBarlow 04 Sep 2015

Ice Cream[NOUN] A semi-soft frozen dessert made with sweetened and flavoured milk fat. Whenever we think of ice cream, we think of hot summer days and delicious deserts. However on occasion you come across a flavour that just doesn't seem right...

Blue cheese
 Jacobs Savoury Ice Cream Parlour in London serves up a blue cheese ice cream (mirror

This one doesn't look too bad in the picture when you think of spreading cheese on crackers, but when you remember that it's ice cream, that's when the horror sets in.

Coronation Chicken Ice Cream

Now this is a crime against ice cream. This was created for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and I'm not too sure this is the best way to honour the Queen.

Horseradish Ice Cream

Maybe the chicken isn't the worst offence against ice cream on this list. This one sure is a horrible idea. Horseradish as a dessert doesn't really appeal.

Grilled Sweetcorn Ice Cream (peapod

"Eat your vegetables and you can have your dessert" I believe every mum, whether in reality or on TV, have said something like this. Well, why not do both?

Mustard Ice Cream
The Fat Duck Reopens After Health Scare 

Mustard is an acquired taste. Which is posh for disgusting. Maybe it can be nice on a hot dog, but as ice cream? Oh no.

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