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5 fun things to do when you don’t drink

By TabethaB 09 Aug 2017

Alcohol consumption is something that students have become notorious for, but you'll be surprised how many UAL students don't drink. For many, alcohol is not the main focus of their evenings. 

  1. Cinema or theatre
    Going to the cinema might seem like an obvious idea, but you haven’t really done the big screen until you’ve tried the BFI Imax at Southbank. With the biggest screen in the country, you won’t need a drink to feel entertained. Or, if you're more old-school, try one of the many theatres in London or go with UAL social for unbeatable ticket prices.

  2. Museums/art galleries at night
    Most of the large museums and art galleries are packed during the day with screaming children and elderly art critiques. Instead, why not enjoy one of the late-night openings with the added bonus of exclusive exhibitions, free food, music and talks. Available at many locations such as the Natural History Museum and the Tate.

  3. Go out for dessert
    Going out for drinks might be fun, but nowhere near as fun as going for waffles and ice cream, smothered in Nutella. There are many places around London that specialize in only desserts. Try Crème de la Crêpe in Covent Garden to start off your sweet adventure.

  4. Late night shopping
    Shopping in London is normally a daytime thing, or just something that you can’t face to do at all. Put down the ASOS app and try evening shopping. Lots of shops are open up until 10pm and often later during some parts of the year (*cough* Christmas is coming *cough*). The crowds are thinner, the shelves are getting restocked and the next day’s sale bargains are being priced down!

  5. Going to a bar and clubs
    Yes, if you do drink you may be surprised that people who don't drink can go out with you and have as much fun! Choosing not to drink doesn't mean you are limited to what activities you can do. You can get involved in the same nights out if you feel like it, plus it will be cheaper for you. ✨ BONUS ✨
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TabethaB a BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Media student studying at London College of Communication.
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