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10 things only 90's kids will remember

By UALHalls 03 Mar 2016

Are you a 90's baby?

Obviously there will be others who remember some of the things mentioned in this article, but only those born in the 90’s will truly understand the importance they played in our young lives.

Prepare yourselves for several blasts-from-the past and a severe wave of nostalgia whilst you mourn your childhood youth. 

  1. Fruit Winders
    These lunchbox specialities might still be hanging about, but they certainly don’t have the same impact on kids today. 

  2. Nev the Bear
    He was on Smile with Barney and his catch phrase was “no no no nooo”. I don’t think it will ever be truly understood why CBBC insist on having puppets present shows alongside real people (although Basil Brush was phenomenal).
  3. Tracy Beaker
    Before she turned 20 and it became less socially acceptable to call an enemy a “bucket of worms”, let's take a look at some of her best moments...
  4. Pop Idol
    Remember Will Young and Gareth Gates? This is how they started out.
    Pop Idol logo.png
  5. Avril Lavigne
    The reason every young teenage girl from the 90’s went through that “too much eyeliner” phase. 
  6. Tamagotchis
    You’d pretend to go to the toilet at school just to ensure your tiny virtual pet wouldn’t starve to death, because the trauma of that was far too much for our young hearts to handle. 

  7. The Pebble
    The pale pink pebble phones by Motorola were the epitome of cool. 

  8. Windows XP
    Not much can be said about Windows XP except it shows quite how well technology has come since we were in primary school. 
  9. Beyblades
    The ultimate party-bag item. True battlers usually had a plastic dome known as the battle arena - great for war against your siblings. There were always those daredevils who'd brave to touch a spinning one, earning complete respect from their peers.
  10. Dick n Dom in da Bungalow
    It was every kid’s dream to be on this show.“Bogies” became a household recognised name and even now you hear people playing it in shops – they were that influential.



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