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Yoga with Sophie | UAL Social

By UALSocial 20 Mar 2020

We’re limbering up from a new location

  • What's happening: Live streamed yoga!
  • When's it happening: Monday at 7pm
  • Where's it happening: Wherever you are.
  • What's the price: FREE
  • Where do I book: Click here 

We get it - with all this talk of self-isolation and social distancing life at the moment might feel a little hectic or even sometimes a bit weird. But It's super important to keep to routines like getting dressed and staying active, so keep your chin up… aaand reach up toward the ceiling.

In the importance of routines, we have temporarily renamed ourselves the Social 'Distancing' Programme, genius right?! 

We in partnership with ArtsSU are bringing you your usual Yoga Mondays but virtually. You will spot two of your usual friendly yoga instructors from your halls and colleges and they will be live streaming yoga directly to your device wherever you are. 

The live link will be sent to all bookers by email and text message shortly before the event begins.

Any UAL student or staff members can sign up to these sessions, but don’t worry it’s a one way feed, your salutations will not be criticised. 

Get in touch with the team:

E: social.programme@arts.ac.uk
T: +44(0)20 3890 6039
FB: UALSocial

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