World records you could break tomorrow

By BzAimee 02 Dec 2015

There are more than 40,000 current official world records in existence.

This means there are plenty of ways to get your name in that famous Guinness World Record book! 

But what makes a Guinness World Record?

There are strict policies for this, but as a general rule of thumb, if you can't measure it, weigh it or count it then it probably isn't one!

It also needs to be something that: has the potential to be beaten, can be done universally, and with only one variable.

Perhaps growing your fingernails for 63 years or spending over an hour in full body contact with snow aren't for you. But here are 10 records you could try and break tomorrow (with a little practice)

  1. T-Shirts put on in 1 minute
    Current Record: 31
    Rules: Any size, sleeve-length, and you can get a friend
    to help you get them on - one t-shirt at a time.
  2. Passes around the leg with a ball in 30 seconds
    Current record: 68
    Rules: Standard size football or basketball and dropping the ball means you're disqualified. This requires serious skill. It's time to put those secondary school P.E classes to good use!
  3. Teamwork! Leapfrog jumps in 30 seconds by 2 people
    Current Record: 32
    Rules: Pair must alternate being the frog, and each must have both hands placed on the ground and the back, respectively, at the same time before a jump. Take a look.
  4. Times jumped into a pair of underwear in 30 seconds
    Current Record: 9
    Rules: Brief-style underwear, fitting the person. They must be fully pulled up and then removed before the next jump. Only jumps with both feet at the same time are counted. Looks so simple, but is it? Give it a try!
  5. Pushups with claps in 1 minute
    Current Record: 77 - A STRONG effort
    : No bending your knees or waist, and body must be lowered into a 90 degree angle each time. 
  6. Coins stacked in 30 seconds
    Current Record: 51
    Rules: Coins must carry a maximum thickness of 3mm, and only 1 hand should be used (keep other behind back). Coins must remain standing for 5 seconds after 30 seconds is over.
  7. Time taken to put on a double duvet cover
    Current record: 26.03
    Rules: The duvet must be placed neatly within the cover with all corners properly set.
  8. CDs balanced on one finger
    Current record: 50
    Rules: Finger must not go through the CD holes and be flat against the CD.
  9. Sticky notes stuck to the face in 1 minute
    Current record: 58
    Rules: Sticky notes must measure 73mm on each side, be placed by the individual themself, and remain for a minimum of 10 seconds after the minute is over. Don't attach them to your eyelids.
  10. Time taken to type the alphabet backwards on an iPad
    Current Record: 2.08 seconds - currently under review.
    Rules: Must be done on an unmodified iPad with official firmware, and can be uppercase or lowercase with no errors made. That Candy Crush addiction might help you with this one!  Check it out.

Take a look at the video above for some other weird world records and let Dan Bull inspire you with his own task success. 

What challenge will you try?