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Who are Wellbeing Reps?

By UALSocial 10 May 2018

Wellbeing Reps are based in each hall, introduced to you upon move in and are always there for a chat.

Moving into halls can be daunting and exciting all at once and sometimes all you need to feel at home is a friendly face.

Living in the hall with you, they are there to give advice and support you with anything you need throughout your time in UAL halls.

They are there to lend support with issues such as difficulties with flatmates, coping with university workloads, the creation of a portfolio, budgeting in London, moving out and away from home and finding new friends. But can also assist in referring you to finding help elsewhere within the university; be it Student Services, Accommodation Services or Counselling Services.

They host two drop-in sessions on Wednesday's from 7 pm, during which time you can speak to them about anything.

Wellbeing Reps also host weekly yoga and fitness sessions in halls, so if you want to get active and meet new people, this is the perfect way to do it.

Email them on and make sure to include your hall name in the subject line. Although they are a friend, everything discussed with them will be kept confidential.


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