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Top tips for a happy hall life...

By UALHalls 18 Sep 2017

Make the most out of living in halls and remember these top tips:

  • Respect your flatmates: Everyone’s different and has different habits so respect each other’s living space and be as tidy as you can. A cleaning rota is sometimes a good plan if you’re sharing a kitchen.

  • Be careful when you’re cooking: Make sure you turn the cooker off when you’ve finished and don’t leave any pans unsupervised.

  • Keep yourself and your things safe: Be alert and make sure you lock your door when you’re leaving your room (and close the door behind you when you come into the building).

  • Find your nearest fire exits: You’ll be given clear instructions of your building’s fire escape plan, so memorise it and make sure you know your nearest escape route. 

  • Get to know your reception staff: Speak to the Residence team if you have any problems. They’ll be able to deal with things quickly for you. 

  • Be respectful with noise levels: Not everyone likes to hear loud music at 2am in the morning and it's important to respect your flatmates differing schedules. Please be careful when creating loud noises with friends or with music and remember your flatmate might have an early start in the morning. 
  • Plan ahead with parties: We want you to have fun whilst staying with us, but parties can quickly get out of control and can result in you annoying or upsetting staff and/or your neighbours. If you want to have a party you should first speak with a member of the Residence team about what you are planning, and seek permission from your Residence Manager.

Communal Living

Students should be aware that living in the hall of residence could bring them into close proximity with others who may have very different lifestyles from their own. While this can be a positive and enlightening experience, it may also prove to be challenging. With this in mind we ask that you read and agree to our Communal Living Agreement.

  • Be accepting and understanding of each other’s lifestyle.
  • Talk about your feelings: Your flatmate can't respond - or amend their behaviour - if they don't know that there is a problem!
  • Let your flatmates know if you have an overnight guest or are going away yourself overnight.
  • Agree to contribute an equal share of any joint expenses on a regular basis by rota or other agreements and keep records of all the bills you share.
  • Contribute equally to the cleaning of shared areas and equipment (eg. kitchen and corridor).
  • Try not to make noise likely to disturb others between the hours of 11pm and 7am.
  • Be considerate of other people’s living space – Don’t have overnight guests (who will be using kitchen facilities) without the consent of other residents in the flat.
  • Ask permission before you use or borrow anything. Return anything you borrow and replace anything you break or lose.

If, after trying all these strategies, you still have a problem with another resident - please contact a member of the Residence team, who can sit down and discuss things with you all and try and help bring about a solution.

Whether in the hall of residence or elsewhere, residents must not behave in a way which will, or would be likely to, bring the name of the University into disrepute. In the interests of safety and security and the wellbeing of other residents, we request that you understand and comply with your contractual obligations. Behaviour that represents a serious or persistent breach of the tenancy agreement could result in your tenancy agreement being terminated.

Breach of any of the regulations will make you liable to disciplinary action. Breach of some of these regulations may also constitute a criminal offense and it is our policy to report such matters to the police. For further information as to what constitutes a breach please refer to your Tenancy Regulations.

Code of Practice
The Housing Act 2004 introduced licensing for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in England and Wales. Student accommodation is exempt from licensing as long as the hall is signed up to one of the Codes of Practice approved by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

The criteria in the Code have been chosen to reflect a balance of common sense obligations and responsibilities between the managers of larger student accommodation buildings and tenants and to set bench mark standards which are achievable by managers. Compliance with the Code ensures that:

  • both managers and tenants enjoy the benefit of good standards of housing management and practice,
  • misunderstandings and disputes are reduced and
  • where problems do occur they are promptly resolved.

Your hall is also signed up to either the ANUK code of practice or the UUK code of practice. Ask your Residence Manager directly if you require further details. 

Your Common Room
The common room is located on the ground floor and contains sofas, tables, chairs and a wall mounted TV for internet viewing.  The various seating combinations allow individuals or groups of residents to research or to leisurely surf the internet using our free Wi-Fi.

The common room is a good place to meet people and the hall’s Social Reps use it to create a sense of community by hosting ‘fun-nights-in’ like movie nights, indoor picnics, tea parties and pub- quizzes.

Artist's Workspace
If you are staying at The Costume Store, The Glassyard Building, Highline Building and Sketch House you will also have the opportunity to use your work studio with facilities tailored for art students.  It is equipped with large cutting tables, black out blinds & curtains, make-up mirrors & lighting and benches for laptop work with Wi-Fi access. Ask at reception for details about how to access your work studio. 

Please note that specified activities will be prohibited in the work studio e.g. spray painting, further information will be displayed clearly in the work studio.