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Top Reasons to go to Berlin

By UALSocial 29 Nov 2018

We are going to Berlin! If simply going abroad isn’t enough to join us then here are our top five reasons to escape London this winter and venture out to Berlin. Whether needing a reason to express your festive self or explore the art and culture around Europe – Berlin is the place to be! 

1. A whole island of museums (well, kind of)

What better city to venture to this winter than one with a whole ‘island’ of museums: ‘Museums Island.’ All located on a strip along the river Spree there are 5 neighboring museums spanning 5 different collections of art and antiques. What could be better than a 2-3min walk through the snow until your next artsy shelter?


2A space to embrace your Christmassy self 

You love the festive season a bit too much and need a space to show it? We are traveling to the ultimate winter wonderland. With over 60 Christmas Markets to choose from attracting almost 4 million visitors each year. From the traditional Gandarmenmarkt to Berlin’s rooftop Christmas Market at the well-known bar Klunkerkranich with DJ’s, bands, food stalls and more there’s too many to choose from.


3. Ever been up for time travel? 

Berlin is filled with history, so whether a history nerd wanting to travel back in time and walk the remnants of the Berlin Wall along the East Side Gallery or on the look for a cozier night in the local vintage cinema Babylon with silent films and live orchestra – an experience stepping into the history of a different era is guaranteed. 

4. Magical Snow 

Have you too been dreaming of a winter wonderland? This may be your chance! Let’s face it it’s not easy to find snow in London and there is no city more magical than the white cityscape of Berlin during the festive season. Be it for wandering through Tiergarten or endless hours of ice skating – everything is better with snow!


5. Berlin after dark! 

From people-watching to dancing through your evening, Berlin is known for its long opening hours. Not only is Berlin known as the city of techno but is good for everything from its quirky bars in weird locations to live music venues.


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