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Top five events in 2016/17

By UALSocial 24 May 2017

With over 200 welcome events with a total of 24,000 attendees, our year couldn’t have been better!

We took this as an opportunity to look back and interviewed students who took part.


Our Top 5 events of the year go to:

1. Perhaps one of our most popular events to date was our International Food and Drink Festival at Central Saint Martins, which hit it off with queues stretching down the length of the CSM street! The night was filled with delicious, mouth-watering food, Samba and traditional Bharatanatyam Dancers, henna, bubble tea and more.

Will Wyatter Sophie said; “As someone born in China and adopted into the UK, the International Food and Drink Festival was really lovely to go to because there was a range of food from around the world, mixing both my cultures – not to mention great entertainment in terms of dancing and the food was very street style and delicious!”


2. Each hall is different and so are its students, so what better opportunity than to welcome a new term in each and every halls’ individual style. This one goes to our Welcome Back Celebrations which ranged from Life Drawing- Pizza Parties to The Noughties, Goodbye 2016 Celebrations and more.  With over 700 students attending across 12 common rooms the night was one to remember!

Henry at Sketch House told us: “I always look forward to these parties in halls – free pizza, drinks and a buzzing atmosphere is guaranteed by these parties. They also allow students to catch up with each other after the holidays in a relaxed friendly environment”


3. What would a London Summer be without London Pride? And Pride wouldn’t be complete without UAL representation! Our Red London Bus stacked with pink shirted UAL students steers our London Pride Event to third place on our list! With good music, glitter and smiling facing nothing beats London Pride with UALSocial.


4. Summer is short and we used it to the fullest with our cosy, free cinematic excellence under the stars. Fourth place goes to our Outdoor Cinema at Sketch House, with popcorn, candy floss, bubble tea and The Devil Wears Prada on full display!

Daisy from Cordwainers Court enthusiastically said: “My first Outdoor Cinema event was near the start of the first term so I didn’t know many people, going to these events allowed me to mingle with people from different halls and a range of UAL courses! The movie was executed well, huge screen and they even provided popcorn, bubble tea and blankets- it tipped my expectations.”


5. Despite all the fun, we had on home turf- our events don’t stop in London! UALSocial takes Berlin placing our Christmas Trip to Berlin on fifth place! Tours of the city through snowy landscapes, glistening Christmas Markets and inspiring art kept us mind blown whilst exploring the city! 


Missed some of our Top 5 this year? Don’t worry there is more to come and if you’re new we look forward to tipping the scale with more excitement and new events!


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UALSocial is fresh, innovative and creative. What’s more, it is completely coordinated by students, which makes it unique, inclusive and empowering for everyone involved. The majority of events are free and the programme pioneers campaigns and community projects across every hall.
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