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Top 5 things that happened due to social media

By BzBarlow 18 Aug 2015

  1. Long lost sisters
    These two twins have found each other through the magic of social media! They were both born in Korea, but were then adopted to different families in Los Angeles, USA and London, UK. They found each other through Youtube and Facebook.

  2. The Ice Bucket Challenge

    People have argued how stupid this challenge is, but the majority of people who have taken part in the ice bucket challenge were not aware of ALS, and now the awareness of the condition has spread across the world and there has been millions raised for the cause.

  3. Random Acts of Kindness

    Sometimes you see people online who seem upset and then you see strangers trying to cheer them up, but there’s more online than simply this. There is a huge random acts of kindness trend throughout social media, which inspires more people to share love instead of hate.

  4. Reuniting people with their furry friends

    Cheyenne the dog ran away from home after being scared by some fireworks. On Facebook a page was created for the missing dog and 189 days later, Cheyenne was found hiding under a house 334 miles away from her home in Texas. See the story here and this isn't the first time a pet has been returned to an owner through social media, but it definitely is one of the more miraculous after all that time.

  5. Photoshopping

    Nathen Steffel’s 6 week old daughter sadly passed away due to a tumour in her liver, with such as short life, the only picture he had of his precious daughter showed her covered in various tubes to keep her alive. Nathen asked people on Reddit to photoshop the tubes out, and the internet didn’t disappoint as many people decided to help.


Sometimes the internet isn't such a bad place.

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