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Top 5 places to check out in Shoreditch

By LiliMaxxHager 21 Mar 2018

If you are living in Will Wyatt Court there are tons of things to do in your local area, but where do you start? Here are some some places you must try:


  1. Lady Dinah’s Cat EmporiumAre you fed up with the struggles of uni life and just need some cats to cuddle and good coffee? Go and listen to the soundtrack of purring, perhaps take your work and snuggle away at London’s first cat café. The best part is; it’s only a 20-minute walk from Will Wyatt Court and stress relief is guaranteed!
  2. Hoxton Street Market- Not only do they sell fresh food, clothes and household items but if you are craving some delicious smoothies, head over! It’s cheap, it's healthy and only a 5-minute walk away. 
  3. Dinerama- Now with a new roof over its head, not needing to cook after a long day is becoming a lot easier. Enjoy delicious street food that is only a 10-minute walk from halls.  Perhaps treat yourself next weekend or after a long day of lectures and seminars? Also if you make it there before 7pm entrance is free.
  4. Electric Cinema Shoreditch-  Often classified as one of the most comfortable and stylish theaters out there, the Electric Cinema Shoreditch is a great place to chill and hang out in your local area. What more could you want than lounging on cozy couches with blankets, enjoying some good wine whilst feasting on some independent cinema? The best part is, it is really close too! TIP: angled seats are reduced in price.
  5. Shoreditch Park– Being only a 3-minute walk away from Will Wyatt Court, Shoreditch park is great to take a run, get some sun or to have a lovely picnic with friends.