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Top 5 places to check out in North Acton

By UALHalls 04 Jul 2017

If you're staying at The Costume Store, it is very easy to simply jump on the Central Line and whizz straight into central London since the station is on your door step. But what do you know about what is in your local area? We bet you don't know about all these local hangouts. 

1. The Foundry - have you been yet? Why not?! As UAL students you get 30% off drinks and 20% off all food. This will reduce the bill for your next meal massively. They also have a pub quiz every fortnight.

2. The Aeronaught is a really cool bar in Acton, only a 25 minute walk from The Costume Store. It's perfect for the student budget too, with daily offers and competitions for discounts, you could even win a free meal. 

3. TFL's Museum Depot is in Acton and houses over 320,000 items, including many original works of art used for the Museum's celebrated poster collection, vehicles, signs, photographs, engineering drawings and uniforms. As a depot, the museum hold open weekends so check out the website to find out more. 

4. North Acton Playing Fields - you can see this large green space from many of the windows at The Costume Store. It is only a 10 minute walk and has an outdoor gym and tennis court. It will also be perfect for picnics in the summer! 

5. Again, just 10 minuets away on the 487 bus you can go to the Park Royal leisure park. Which has everything, from a KFC, Pizza Hut, Cinema, Bowling Alley, 24-hour gym and Nandos. 

Happy exploring!