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Top 3 Welcome Box Companies

By UALSocial 24 May 2017

Welcome Boxes are a life saver for an international student.

Being an international student coming to the UK can be tough as there are lots of important questions to ask - Will I be able to take all your stuff? How will I get it there? Will the essentials be there when I arrive? But don’t worry, it’s all easier than you think!

Welcome boxes are affordable ensuring that everything you need is there before you are and making every move as easy as it can be. Here are our top three Welcome Box Companies for you to choose from:

  1. My Student Essentials is a website made for International Students coming to the UK. They offer a variety of boxes such as Bedroom Packs, Bathroom Packs, Kitchen Packs, Electronics and even have a special tab for International Students. All their packs come at different sizes and prices and are perfect to preorder before you arrive. Not only do they have packs that prepare you for moving into your new home but also a blog that offers top tips on moving to a different country and starting university. They understand what international students need, allow you to contact them via email and even offer to contact your university hall for you. But the best part is that you can pay with PayPal from anywhere you are in the world!
  2. UniKitOut. is a student box company that offers sets for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. It offers all the must-haves for your move and allows a smooth start for university life. The best thing about purchasing this box is that you can pay in six different currencies making it perfect for everyone wanting to pay in their home currency. They accept Chinese Yuan, Danish Krone, Euros, Japanese Yen and US Dollar- the payment can’t get much easier. They also have experience of delivering to UAL Halls in the UK and understand your situation, ensuring that your order arrives when you do!
  3. KIT4UNI offers one of the cheapest Kitchen Packs currently available for students including all of the necessities you need when moving to a different country. Besides the Kitchen Packs they sell Bedding and also offer the opportunity to order additional items such cuddly blankets, conversion plugs and even extension leads leaving absolutely nothing out! They also provide free shipping if your purchase value exceeds £75.

These companies operate online websites that are effortless and easy to use and make your box just one simple click away. With these Welcome Boxes, a smooth start to living on your own in university is guaranteed to make your university preparation stress-free!





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