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Tips on cleaning before leaving halls

By UALHalls 17 Mar 2020

If you are leaving halls for a long period of time (more than a few days), it's important to make sure that you clear out your kitchen and your room is left secure.

If you need a little help with this, we've put together a list of simple instructions to help you. 

  • Clear out all perishable food before you go away. You don't want to come back to messy cupboards or a smelly fridge - or worse leave that smell for your flat-mates to enjoy!
  • If you're leaving halls and not coming back, you are welcome to leave your tinned food at reception in halls. Our teams can then donate these to their local food banks. 
  • Turn off all lights, electronics, and taps. You do not have to turn off your radiator, however, please turn it down to the lowest setting.  
  • Lock your bedroom door and close and lock all windows. Make sure all doors are closed.
  • Report any maintenance problems before you go away so they don’t get worse over the break.
  • Wash all your dishes before you go and make sure your kitchen is clean and tidy - again you don't want to come back to dirty dishes or leave them for your flat-mates to look after.
  • Empty your bedroom and kitchen bins before you leave to avoid pests.
  • Whilst you're aware, your Halls' team may have to enter your bathroom to flush the system so staff will run the taps, turn on the shower and flush the toilet. If this happens, they will let you know. 
  • Some flats may also have new students moving in, so don't be surprised if you have new flat-mates.
  • Don't forget to remember to bring your key/fob back when you return! 
  • FINALLY - Remember to sign your halls absence register and let the site management team know you'll be away. You will need to do this via the Logging Absence Form.