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Things I learned on world environment day

By MeetTheTide 18 Jul 2017

For this year’s World Environment Day, UAL teamed up with Argent, the Kings Cross developer, to take part in a series of activities.

I took a tour of a roof garden in Kings Cross and used the ‘Deep Time Walk’ app on offer by UAL to explore how Earth has changed in the 4.6 billion years since its formation. Here are a few things I learned from that day -

  1. Crows try to pick apples from the trees on roof, throw them over the edge and drop them on people’s heads

thug life GIF

So watch out when you’re in Kings Cross! The gardeners have to get to the apples before the crows to try and stop this from happening.

  1. The Earth was once a giant snowball (2400 million years ago)

snow japan prank snowball GIF

This fact was a snippet from the Deep Time Walk app – you walk 4.6km listening to how the Earth has changed since its formation. Each km walked represents a billion years on Earth and humans only appear in the last 20m of the walk (200,000 years ago)! 

  1. Ducklings can survive leaping off an 18 story building

hey guys duckling GIF

On the roof garden tour, we were surprised to find a duck nesting on the roof 9 floors up. Some of her ducklings had left the nest, braving the 9-floor drop! We were told they can survive up to 18 floors.

  1. Honey from London tastes better than honey from the countryside (according to our guide!)

homer simpson food episode 8 season 20 eating GIF

There were loads of bees on the roof busy collecting pollen and nectar to make tasty honey, tastier than the countryside, apparently. This is because cities with all their gardens and roof gardens have a greater variety of plants to collect from than in the countryside where there is often a 'mono-culture'.

  1. Deep time Walk fact

moon earth GIF

"The moon is moving away from Earth at the same pace as our fingernails grow."

If you missed out this year then don’t worry – World Environment Day occurs every 5th June so watch out for next year’s events!

UAL sustainability goes by the name of Meet The Tide. To hear more about what we are up to we’ve got our own website and twitter account you can check out!

Image: Alys Tomlinson


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