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The going home to-do list

By UALHalls 06 Dec 2018

The countdown to the end of year has begun and the thought of Christmas dinner is getting closer and closer...

But don't ruin 2019 by coming back to a smelly house!

The Wizard Of Oz Home GIF

To save yourself from any nasty surprises upon your return in January, there are just a few things you need to do before putting your feet up for this festive season.

1. Take food out the fridge

Before you go home, be creative and make yourself meals with things you have left in the fridge or cupboards. If you have things you don't think you'll use, either bin it or donate it. There are food banks nearby accepting donations so help those who really need it.

2. Empty the bins

After following step 1, it's no good throwing your food in the bin and leaving it to sit in the kitchen for 3 or 4 weeks. Save the smelliness and empty your bins into the communal ones outside. Make sure everyone is pulling their weight and ask your flatmates to help out.

3. Clean your room

It may seem like a chore but you'll thank yourself when you come back to a clean and tidy room after the Christmas break. If you need some cleaning inspo, follow 'Mrs Hinch' on Instagram. She knows all the best cheap cleaning hacks! 

4. Pack the clothes you don't wear anymore

After bringing everything you own to uni in September, did you soon realise you only really need half of it? Now is the time to take it home with you to free up space - you might need it for presents or the shopping you do in the sales!

5. Tidy communal areas

Ask all of your flatmates to come together to do a big clean of the kitchen and bathroom (if you have a communal one). By allocating everyone a different job, it means that everyone has a part to play and will only take half the time.

6. Turn off lights/electricals

Your bills might be included in your rent but it's still important to pay attention to how much energy you could be wasting. Electricals can overheat and start a fire too which is the LAST thing you want!

7. Lock windows and doors

When you are leaving double check everything is locked up and all windows are shut, better to be safe than sorry.

 Clean Up GIF

However you're spending the break, enjoy it. You've most definitely earned it!