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The cheapest supermarkets around Will Wyatt Court

By WellbeingPeers 14 Sep 2017

1. Iceland, Hoxton street

0.1 mi, 5 Min Walk

The cheapest and closest shop as it’s only one street over from where we are, on Pitfield Street.

A great option in terms of value as they sell loads of frozen food that is cheaper and will keep for longer. Don’t let the name put you off, Iceland also stock a large number of unfrozen products and essentials.

2. Tesco Express, Hoxton

0.3 Mile, 5 Min Walk

This Tesco is only a short walk away from halls. Here, you will be able to pick up all the basics that you will need.

3. Lidl, Well Street & Seven Sisters Road

(1.6mi, 30min Walk, 24min Public Transport)

(2.5mi, 60min Walk, 30min Public Transport)

Arguably the motherland of great value groceries, although sadly not close as it’s counterparts.

The closest is on Well Street in Hackney, a great walk for getting your bearings of the local area.

The second closest Lidl next to Sketch House, so you could go see your friends and stock up on cheap avocados on your way home.

4. Tesco Superstore, Morning Lane

1.7mi, 35min Walk, 28min Public Transport

Based in Hackney Central, this is the biggest supermarket I’ve found.

It also has the most direct travel links and is situated right near the vegan Fried Chicken Shop, Temple of Hackney.

5. Morrisons, Holloway Road

2.6mi, 52min Walk, 32min Public Transport

Morrisons is a Northern institution, and presently they’re few and far between in London. Lots of great options for all budgets as this is one of the larger supermarkets I’ve come across living in London.

**Perfect for any foundation students based in Archway, as it is situated right in your bus route if catching 271 from New North Road**

6. Co-op, Great Eastern Street

0.4 mi, 10 Min walk

*Co-op do 10% for NUS student cardholders*

Not the cheapest option or the option with the most variety, but they offer 10% off so it’s getting a token mention.

Other mentions go to the Sainsbury's at the top of Pitfield Street and the Tesco Express on East road. Only because they’re close and open late on weekends and bank holidays. But be warned, they’re not the best value.

Tip: Download Citymapper to make it easier locating these bad boys.

Image: FreePik