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Sooraj: My first year at UAL

By SoorajS 08 Aug 2018

It's been 41 weeks since I first set foot in London. 8,200 km away, Sketch House has become my home away from home!

When I left India to pursue my Masters at this amazing University, I was not only looking forward to my course, I was also looking forward to my role as a Wellbeing Peer in halls.

It's September 2016, my first day on the job and the excitement begins. Stood there on arrivals day, I saw lots of smiling student faces, some anxious parents and lots of trolleys and boxes.

I love my job. I have mended broken hearts, brought smiles to sad faces but the best part about my job is the difference you can make. I have learnt so much and matured as a person. I have been lucky to live and work with amazing people.

My favourite quote is; "Life's too short and happiness too rare."

London is a magnificent city with beautiful people, you will fall in love with it, just like I did.


SoorajS is an MA Graphic Communication Design student at CSM and a Travel Illustrator.
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