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Seven new indoor hobbies to try

By UALSocial 30 Mar 2020

What’s a shark’s favourite hobby?

Anything he can sink his teeth into.

When we are at work or at uni, we always wish we had more time. Now being at our home is daily life for a while, this is a great time to take up some new hobbies and to find a new hobby that you love!

Here are some of our favourite things to do. Some of them can even be self-taught!

1. Learn to knit and sew!

It’s one of the most annoying things, when you get a hold of your favourite shirt or have ripped your best pair of jeans. Now you can learn how to sew things and repair them yourself. All you’ll need is a needle, thread and some creative intuition. There are plenty of stitches to learn - these videos will show you what to do: 

Once you’ve mastered the art of stitching, you can start knitting and making anything. Did you ever wonder why your grandparents always knitted? Because it’s the most amazing and helpful thing to master. You can make, jumpers, blankets and home decoration. So grab some knitting needles and have a go here


2. Learn a language

Whilst you’re at home, why not impress your friends in the summer, by learning a whole new language! By using online tutorials, you can start learning different greetings and if you enjoy it why not become fluent! This will be one helpful skill, and a way to make new friends when you’re out and about!

Here are a couple of websites and apps you can have look at if you’re interested!



neon sign

3. Home Exercise

Although we all love chilling in front of the TV, you don’t want to become a couch potato when you’re at home.

It’s healthy to keep the body active and to keep our muscles working! The Social Programme offer yoga, pilates, street dance and twerking as part of their virtual schedule. You can also take part in some free exercise classes on YouTube here and here

sit up

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

4. Clean, de-clutter and digital de-tox

When we have a clear space, we have a clear head! Whilst you’re home, why not clean out that wardrobe that you dread opening because you can never get the door to stay shut!

You can always use a little bit of washing up liquid and warm water, to clean the corners of your room and furniture, so that your home will be tidy, dust-free and smell fresh! You’ll never want to leave once everything is sorted!

Don’t need to clean your room?

Then why not sort out your desktop space on your laptop? You can organise all your photographs and memories, so you always know where to find those happy moments.


5. Learn a musical instrument

Have you got an old guitar laying around? That old clarinet from school that you don’t play anymore, or even some pots and pans? Why not learn how to play some songs on them. It will be super impressive to show your friends in the summer, and you never know, you might end up being the next Jimmy Hendrix. There are loads of videos on YouTube that you can learn from, try this one.  

If you don’t have an instrument why not make music with everything but instruments?


Take a look at some of these performances, where musicians make music from anything and everything.


6. Read a book

There is no better entertainment than your imagination. If you don’t have any books, have no fear. There are plenty of online articles and podcasts that you can either read or listen to. Whatever your taste is, there are plenty out there to choose from.

Here is a short list of websites that can show you the different podcasts and audiobooks you can listen to.



BBC Podcasts


7. Join UAL Social Programme

A range of different events have been set up for you to access virtually. With nearly one event happening every day and with all of them being live, they can be streamed straight to wherever you are wherever you are.

To have a look through all we have on offer click here.

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